Miter saw blade types

Firstly, Miter saw blade comes to your mind when you up to use Miter saw. You will look for the best Miter saw blade as well along with the best Miter Saw. There are some facts you need to consider with the blade at the moment of using your Miter saw.

For the finest and deeply cut, it needs more teeth. And good cut comes from extra teeth. In some cases more teeth are not good enough for perfect cut. Small and thin parts of Wood need a slow cut and speed should need to be under control. Otherwise it could cause a high risk of rough draft cutting.

Many Miter saw blade types are available in the market in many sizes. Each of blades are ruled by own flow and way to cut down things. For a new user it will be difficult to choose the right one for his suitable work. So, with the consideration of uses and experts opinions, we tried to put all easier and possibly information about saw blades types.

miter saw blade type

Miter saw blade types in different categories for different uses:

  • Circular saw blades- Circular saw blades usually good for angle or tilting cut on thin Masonry, wood & metal things. This type of blades is common used blade for Miter saw.

  • Sharpe cut blades- For finest cut on Chipboards, Wood, Core plywood & plastic, the Sharp cut blades are great and perfect.

  • Course cut blades- To laminate Softwood, and hardboard the Course cut Blades are good enough and can make an excellent cut.

  • Very Course Cut Blades: Very course cut blades are only used to cut hard material, metal things & Masonry.

  • Razor saw blades: The ideal Miter saw blade for cutting wooden items, drywall, ceiling & metal type things, “Razor saw blades would be the best among others Miter saw blades.”

What are the things we consider to use different types of blade? 

For chopping or to cut anything, first you must have a knowledge about how to use Miter saw. Then you need to gain a basic idea of Saw Blade types. Like, Course cut blades can only use in Compound Miter saw, not in another Miter saw. Circular saw blades are used for regular types of Miter saw.

Each of Miter saw blade types have a different suitable cutting position. The diameter of each blades is not same also and those starting from 1x4” to 1x14”and more in sizes for household work. For industrial Miter saw, more width sizes of Saw blade need base on the Miter saw. Along with the size, kerf and bore are also necessary to measure. It is an important issue to make fitting on the Miter saw perfectly because “The perfect it fits, and the perfect it cut”  

How Saw blade makes perfect cut?

It is a very difficult task to understand that how to make perfect cut with your Miter saw. To make perfect and fine cut, you have to choose the right Saw blades. As example, you can’t use Sharpe cut blades for cutting metal or a like things. If you use this, it won’t last long as it is used for Chipboards, plywood and to similar items.

Depends on your job you have to use the right Saw Blade and set the blade into the Miter saw in proper way to make the blade suitable with cutting. A warped blade isn’t a good choice to make the most accurate cut but it will have a potential safety hazard. On the other hand, before using your very course cut blades you need to apply lubricant oil to run the Miter saw smoothly. So, choose perfect types of blade is also an important issue while you need a proper and excellent cut.

Teeth of blades: 

Teeth of Saw Blades are an important factor to choose blades. Some saw blades have up to 100 plus teeth, or some may have less than 10 tooth. For your smooth finished work, carbide-tipped & thin- kerf blades should have premium quality tooth with a standard size of 1/8”. Along with Miter saw blade, teeth need to be made of aluminum. As a result, mirage can not catch your blade teeth and let it remains well furnished for long period. An ideal blade of 80 tooth always shows, it’s best performance while it eliminates wood or metal items. 

Maintenance of Miter saw blades: 

It is an important issue to make a good arrangement of your saw blades. Maintenance of your blades is not a difficult task to do. If you want your blades remain in a good condition for a long time, you just need to make a good care of it. Some maintenance tips are mentioned below: 

  • Keep clean your saw blades after used with cotton or silk fabric;

  • For some Blades, Lubricant oil is good enough to apply before chopping, because it won’t let your blade dry and rough;

  • It’s better to keep a side your Blades from other tools and equipment and make sure to keep the blade in dry place;

  • As different Miter saw needs different types of blade, so check your Miter saw is okay or not also before using;

  • High quality saw blades warp notch thin cover which doesn’t allow to heat up your blades by minimum use. Use of good qualities blades expand the disk lifetime;

  • From an experienced person you can also get better opinion about Miter saw blade types. As nothing comes perfect without practicing and using;

  • Last recommendation will be to use better quality blades and maintain a good care of your Blades before and after used;


It is hard to make works done while you up to cut something and suddenly your saw blade just broken or damaged at the moment of cutting. If you are a regular user of Miter saw and you don’t want any trouble with delay work. A better solution is to keep at least one extra Miter saw blade on your tool box base on your job. In the market, there’s more than hundred Miter saw Blade types are available with different categories and prices. Before you going to buy saw blades, you can ask to an expert or experienced person. So that you can make an ideal setup for your chopping work with comfortable Miter Saw blades.

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